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how to create a free blog on blogspot

Do you want to create a free blog ? if yes then let's go . here i willl teach and guide you on how you can possibly create a free blog from blogspot. before we get started let me explain to you what this beautiful platform called blogger or blogspot is all about .

what is blogspot?/ blogger

blogspot is a free platform that is being owned and managed by google themselve , it is a platform to create free blog otherwise known as freehosting . blogger is the best free hosting to start your first blog , because it is easy to understand and userfriendly .

how to create a free blog on blogspot

creating your first free blog on blogspot is very simple and easy , it will only take less than 3omins to get your new blog published on blogger as you start blogging right away . first of all you will need a google email address known as gmail you just open a new email address or you can use already existing email. to create your blog visit click on create blog then sign-in with your gmail address , enter your desired blog title in the first form that will be provided , in the second form you will need to enter your blog name you can think and reason out a good name that suites your type of blog the enter it in the form , if it is alread taken then think about another name and still try untill you get a name that is still available , below you will need to select your blog theme incase if you don't know what theme is, is just a combination of beautiful desings and layouts to make your blog look beautifull and attractive select one from there and create blog you have finally created you first free blog . HAPPY BLOGGING and don't fail to let me know if you are confused any where use the comment box thanks for reading.


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